What's New

What's New

NoSQL benchmark utility
- As part of this release, SandStorm releases a NoSQL performance benchmark utility. This has integrated support for Cassandra, MongoDB, HBase and Oracle NoSQL. This utility supports popular load benchmarks and also TPC-H for query benchmarks.

Clients for Solr, Elastic Search, Hive and Impala
- SandStorm now supports performance testing of Solr, Elastic Search, Hive and Impala components for any big data application. It provides user interface to create performance test scripts for these components. These scripts can be prepared using Recorder and later executed with multiple concurrent users using Controller.

Client side performance testing
- SandStorm has added the capability to monitor client side statistics during performance test execution. This allows to measure the end user experience when the server is under load. Statistics like page loading time, java scripting execution time can be measured using this feature.

Integrated resource monitoring for Storm, Qpid, Solr and Elastic Search
- In this release new monitors have been added for Qpid, Solr and Elastic Search to monitor the internal statistics of these applications during performance test execution. These monitors are available both for On-Premise as well as Cloud editions.

Enhanced UI for quick ramp up
- SandStorm Cloud edition UI has been enhanced to help new users get started quickly with the solution. It helps in quick design and execution of test scenarios.